Certified & Trained Material Handling Installers & Service Techs

Are Your Installers Safety Certified & Trained?

The Importance Of Certified & Trained Material Handling Installers & Service Technicians

By Denton Brown, Austin TX Area Material Handling Sales Specialist

A beneficial sales relationship is important. Sorting out numbers, logistics, details, etc., helps to keep any operation running smoothly. However, like any operation, it is the boots on the ground that ensures an operations success.

Boots On The Ground
Certified & Trained Material Handling Installers & Service TechsIn the material handling industry, installers serve as the boots on the ground; the physical representation of a job well done. For some customers, installers are the first and final representation of a company, and arguably the most important. We can sell as much product as we want, but the final success of the sale relies on the installer’s ability to install the product in an excellent and efficient manner. For this reason, certified and trained installers offer more than just much needed labor.

Certified & Trained
A certified installer knows the standards required by the industry which allows them to jump straight in, anticipate problems before they arise, and install product in a way that keeps the warranty of the product in place. Proper safety training under OSHA standards assures the customer that accidents will be avoided. Knowing ahead of time the proper PPE to bring to a job sight and the proper safety precautions to implement, frees customers from having to monitor the installers work on their sites.

A certification offers more than just peace of mind. Trained and certified installers exude professionalism and expertise to a customer, completing the process of business.

W.W. Cannon’s Certified & Factory Trained Material Handling Installers & Service Technicians

Let W.W. Cannon’s team of highly-skilled, safety certified and factory trained installation teams or technician crews handle your next project or routine maintenance servicing. We excell in our work while delivering excellent customer service.

Safety Certifications: OSHA 10, Lockout/Tagout, Crane & Hoist Certified Inspection

Installation & Maintenance Capabilities: Complex Integrated Systems, Conveyor, Rack Systems, Automated Storage & Retrieval, Modular Offices, Cleanrooms, Vacuum & Smart Lift Devices, Mezzanine Work Platforms, VRC/Material Lifts, Guardrail & Collision Prevention, Secured Wire Partitioning, Workstation Bridge Cranes & Hoists, Dock Doors & Equipment, Dock Levelers

From consultation to installation, our team of experts ensure your project gets completed efficiently and safely.  For more information about certified installation and maintenance, please give us a call at 800-442-3061.



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